A Week Of Chemtrails

Here is a 30 minute video of a weeks worth of chemtrails taken in my back garden and at a friends house 20 miles away and it does not matter where you live if you look up you will see those planes spraying poison in the atmosphere and what goes up always comes down someone once said..

I have hours and hours of planes spraying chemtrails and if you search the net you can find thousands of similar videos and photos people have uploaded to show what is going on while everyone is asleep at work not paying attention to what is going on around you.

This is climate change and the rich and stupid think these schemes up to create “JOBS” make up NEW GREEN TAX LAWS and everyone then has to keep paying more for food more for services more for fuel more for products more taxes more money. You spend hours and hours at work only to be TAXED AT SOURCE before you get your money you have to pay a SLAVE TAX where does this money by the BILLIONS go on a weekly basis?

Everyone is paying for these chemtrails in many ways money is not the only thing which effects everyone or anything living. All types of life from the ants to the elephants from the grass to the tree FROM A PUDDLE IN THE STREET TO THE OCEAN’S AND SEAS anything LIVING is effected by chemtrails. Breathing in poisons no matter how minuscule it is can not be good for anything. But paying for it is just like rubbishing in it tax, tax and more tax all in the name of climate change.


Where has all the green tax money gone and on what? I would like an answer to that question and I’m sure most of you would, but like everything else it is always covered up and “NATIONAL SECURITY” or “DATA PROTECTION” is the excuse they use ALL TIME. Do you not find it boring coming out with the same patterns on everything.
Create fear in the general public “ITS THE MUSLIMS” and people being them everytime and we get “THEY WOULDN’T LIE ” really lets look at WMD the iraq war ILLEGALLY caused by Tony Blair and George Bush Jr and these people walk around free after murdering millions of innocent people all for the industrialists the keep makings weapons warships, tanks, airplanes, bullets, cloths for the military it is a massive industry controlled by the industrialists making trillions and trillions of dollas.

The so called MP’s/POLITICIAN can NEVER be trusted at all I wouldn’t trust them at all lie, lie, lie is all they ever do it is a theater to these people and they just love performing on stage selling everyone out and blaming on some made up 3rd party. Then they employ actors to make it all look real for the cameras pretending to be the enemy without realising what they are actually doing in aiding the stupid elite game. It is nothing but a game to these people and they laugh at us at every given opportunity.


If the governments really wanted to give us free energy it would already be here they introduced the solar panels and they did work until they realised that the home owner would make a good return on their investment and the energy company would end up paying the home owner because they were adding more energy back to the grid than they were using and this was not on with the industrialists. So the government then started to slash the prices back down to nothing so the energy companies can make more for less by paying the home owner next to nothing for the energy they send back to the grid and charge more and more to the other customers.

These INDUSTRIALISTS are masters at making money out of thin air out of nothing and continue to charge everyone for it. You have to look at everything and see where all the money ends up back in the pockets of the industrialists. Which are then funded by the banks who in turn are funded by the Church all roads lead to Rome..

It is a nice small club for the elite that control everything and people believe them and don’t bother to question anything just in case it makes them look stupid. All these scams and cons have been going on for years decades and they have perfected this over time it hasn’t JUST HAPPENED it is a slowly slowly approach and they won’t see it coming and most are asleep and will not see it coming.