Chemtrails Late In The Evening In Coventry

Chemtrails late on in the evening there are more than one different type of chemtrails here are a few links to various sites proving they do exists and their patent numbers to go with it.

Patent number

US Patent Number

Geoengineering Harvard EDU

Below is a video that states that chemtrailing has been made legal under the patriot act.

We all should know by now that chemtrails DO exist and they have been man made deliberately to do a number of different things which are in no way for the good. Here is a list of things that chemtrailing does effect.

  • CC Climate Change previously known as global warming
  • Solar industry
  • Solar panels already installed generating an income for the home owner
  • Plant and Trees
  • Birds and Bees
  • Wildlife
  • Nature is the one suffering the most from chemtrailing
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Asthma

Being sprayed on a daily basis with various poisonous metals like aliminum, barium and strontium and then blaming it on climate change and then charging more made up tax and create new made up laws to further increase the greed of the industrialists. Chemtrails are part of the agenda 21 and agenda 2030 program by the UN which almost every country has been deceived into signing up for. The innocent people of the country has been deceived not the MP that knows exactly what they are doing by selling the country out all for money for themselves ENSLAVING everyone else by this illegal federal reserve banking scam that is still going on.

To make thing worse with chemtrails so called being made legal under the patriot act do any of us get any say in this what so ever? This is a massive experiement and we are the guinea pigs without our knowledge yet again being poisoned and paying for it in more ways than one.