Chemtrails are a world wide concern I look up every morning and most days see nothing but a chemtrailed sky.

Here is a video I made not long after the plane had gone though the clouds chemtrailing the clouds seem very low in the sky. This is then blamed on climate change and we have to do this and that to save the planet because of these stupid people that are put in charge because you do not get a true vote there is always going to be 1 winner the hidden government as they play both sides red and blue so it does not matter to them who gets in they are still in control of the government. You are not free there is no democracy it is make believe that you think you are.

You are a debt slave deceived into believing this is reality you should pay your taxes, get your jabs and vaccinations follow the rest of the sheep, get up go to work get a loans, credit cards, a mortgage with huge interest to pay for something no one owns but man has claimed for himself and deceived everyone else. Man and I mean the filthy greedy rich who want more and more and more money as if they don’t already have enough.

It is to keep you and I a SLAVE to them without you knowing about it and if that isn’t bad enough to get your blood boiling I don’t know what will.

There is a link to Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia to chemtrails, breathing in any poisonous metals will not do you or the planet and wildlife any good at all.

Patent US5003186

Patent C250S505100

Harvard EDU

Above are the patents to chemtrails and a link to Harvards EDU geoengineering website.

Below is a video explaining that chemtrails are legal under the patriot act.

This just proves chemtrails are real and we are deliberately being sprayed from these planes to poison the planet and all forms of life and also blocking the sun light. Then to top it all off they make you believe in things like global warming now because that didn’t stick it is called climate change it is totally made up all to put more tax and make up more taxes to continue to bleed you dry.
Do you not work hard enough as it is without them constantly making up laws to keep making themselves richer and richer while keeping you in the poor house because that is exactly what is happening but most people fail to see it.

It’s a conspiracy theory I hear you say and my answer to that is WHO TOLD YOU THAT VERY SENTENCE? because if you bother to do your research properly you will discover it was created by the CIA.

NASA have admitted finally that they are using chemtrails.


Article link in the video

Anyone that can’t see that chemtrails exist and are spraying the skys world wide on a daily basis. I look up at the sky every day and every night most days I do not see the blue sky because of the chemtrails




The video below is surely absolute proof that CHEMTRAILS are real.