While everyone was sleeping including myself believing the offical story at first simply because I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES ON TV. I would never have believed that an airplane would have ever brought down one of those two world trade centre towers let alone 2 planes bring down 3 world trade centres on 09/11/2001 but like EVERYONE ELSE we all saw exactly that LIVE on TV and the media produced those videos leaving out the audio on certain clips so we can’t hear the explosions going off. The clips or videos made that day are exactly like the Zapruder film back in the 60’s but when that finally got realeased to the public you can see many alteration in the film. Nothing they the MAIN STREAM MEDIA every show you is 100% the truth unless it benefits them 100%.

We are living in a digital age and HOLLYWOOD has the greatest movie special effects EVER now days anything is possible and incerting a plane to slam into the twin towers was extremely easy to do as proven by many researchers on YouTube.

Here are a few videos that explains my point proving there were no planes that flew into the twin towers that day and if you want to know exactly how the twin towers came down please look at this post on our website called
How Did The Towers Collapse

In this 5 minute video clip it proves beyond doubt that no airplanes hit the 2 twin towers on 911 CGI composites which means they digitally incerted a plane right where the explosion was on the side of the towers where the planes hit. In all the videos you can see a flash right just before both of the planes hit the twin towers so it would be easy to know exactly where to incert the plane and the plane disappears into the building like a hot knife through butter.

Below is a very good video explaining in detail and showing you exactly that a nose of the second plane come out the otherside of one of the twin tower which would have to go through 10 inches of thick steel and a number of supports before the nose of the airplane comes out INTACT which is totally impossible..